How to get file name in Image tool

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@pdftron/webviewer”: “^7.2.0”,

I want to file name when i uploading using Image tool and want to send on backend server

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Hi @johnmaniya,

Thanks for reaching out. When an image is selected for the RubberStamp tool, an instance of a rubber stamp annotation is created and added to the document.

Therefore, you can add an event listener on the annotationChanged event and capture when a rubber stamp annotation is added.

annotManager.addEventListener('annotationChanged', (annotations, action) => {
    console.log({ annotations })
    console.log({ action })
    // Here you can check for RubberStamp annotations

annotationChanged docs.

Once you have your annotation, you can call the getImageData method to get the image data, which you can then send to your server. The stamp annotations themselves don’t have a file name, they only store the image data, so you’ll have to store that info elsewhere. If you do want to store it in the annotation you can use the setCustomData and getCustomData APIs.

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