How to highlight text in react native pdftron programmatically

Product:react native

Product Version:9.408051

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Hi there,
Could you tell us a bit more about what you would like to do? It looks like you may have missed filling out the required information in your message.

after I override copy in longpressmenu like this

          onLongPressMenuPress={({longPressMenu, longPressText}) => {
            if (longPressMenu === Config.LongPressMenu.copy) {
                .then(range => {
                  const pages = this.getPages(range.begin, range.end);
                  return Promise.all(
           => this._viewer.current.getSelection(page)),
                .then(texts => {
                  this.setState({selectedtext: longPressText});
                  console.log(JSON.stringify(texts[0], null, 4));
                   //write a function to highlight the selected text

from this i get the selected text pageNumber and qouds .
after this i should be able to highlight the selected text
thank you

As mentioned in your original post (, you can accomplish what you want without any changes, by doing the following:

  • Long-press over some text on the page to select it
  • In the popup menu that appears, tap on the “Highlight” menu option (you may need to first tap the “>” button to see the “Highlight” menu option)

There should not be any programmatic changes required.

the requirement i have is
after i click to copy on longpressmenu it should select the text and also highlight the text .
how can I combine the two steps in one
thank you

From the description of your requirement, it sounds like the previous suggestion would work for you:

Could you please try this out to see if it works for your use case? The text will be selected and highlighted.