How to open a document at a specific page?

WebViewer Version: 8.3.3

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I need to reload the file multiple times and I call loadDocument method from WebViewer.
The problem is that every time the file is reloaded it jumps to the first page of the file.
I need to remain on the page that I was working on before reload.
Can I specify which page to be opened when the file reloads?

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The easiest way to do it :

  • on exit (window:beforeunload) / before reload : save the current page in the localstorage
let currentPage = this.wvInstance.Core.documentViewer.getCurrentPage();
localStorage.setItem(this.wvInstance.Core.documentViewer.getDocument().getDocumentId(), (currentPage.toString()));
  • when loading a document, set the current page based on the documentId. here is an example :
documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', async () => {
          //Set current page if in cache
          if(documentViewer.getDocument()!=null && documentViewer.getDocument().getDocumentId()!=null) {
            let currentDocPage =  localStorage.getItem(documentViewer.getDocument().getDocumentId());
            if(currentDocPage!=null) {