How to reference a bitmap multiple times and embed it once?

Q: When creating documents, how can I reference a given bitmap multiple
times? For example, I may use the bitmap twice on the first page, and
once on the second page. Acrobat analysis shows this being stored in the
document 3 times. After Acrobat optimization it is stored once. I would
like to be able to do this without use of the optimizer, and have the
SDK API do this for me if possible.

(e.g. Fonts, XObjects, ICC profiles, shadings, etc) throughout the

Instead of creating an image (e.g. a logo) multiple times (using
pdftron.PDF.Image.Create() methods) create the image only one time and
then keep on referencing the same font/resource throughout the
document. For a concrete example you may want to take a look at the
code used to generate the first page in ElementBuilder sample project
( In this sample
the output PDF document contains only a single embedded image, however
the image is drawn multiple times (3 times) on the same page. The same
apprach would apply if the image was to be drawn many times on other
pages in the document.
A: A: Using PDFNet library you can share Images and other resources