How to set default thickness property

Product: PDFNet

Product Version: 9.2.3

I want to set the default thickness as 5 px for all tools on launch. How can I achieve this?
I have tried the below line of code, before openingPDF and in didOpenDocument function also but it did not work over there.

PTColorDefaults.setDefaultBorderThickness(10, for: .circle)

Can you tell us a way to set the default thickness for every when creating new annotation?

(This property for every new annotation should be set as default 5 px


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello Rankit,

You can set default style properties via a property list (XML) in Xcode.

We have a guide available here:

There are some examples on that page that set default values on thickness which should hopefully be what you need.

Let us know if that works for you or have any other concerns.

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