How to set excel view fit to screen?


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By default excel view is looks very tiny and only in the center. We have to pinch-zoom for make excel redable.

How can we set it fit to screen?


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Hi @pawan.verma ,
Looks like you want to fit width instead of fit page. See guide here:


Hi Shirley

Thank you so much. It’s working as my expectation.

I have one more Question.

How pdftron load a document? because if the document size is large so it’s taking long time to load or show. I tried to load large size of xls file, untill loading is not complete its showing blank page. How can we overcome this issue ?

Hi @pawan.verma ,

This takes a long time because the XLS needs to be processed before it’s displayed. Currently it will just display a blank document until the loading tis complete. Would it be an option if there was a progress bar to show while it’s loading?

Here’s some sample code to get that working: In your layout file:

    android:layout_height="60dp" />
 In your activity/fragment:

mPdfViewCtrl.addDocumentLoadListener(new PDFViewCtrl.DocumentLoadListener() {
    public void onDocumentLoaded() {
        ProgressBar progressBar = findViewById(;


Hi Andrew

I tried to open a .xls file. Its size is approx 6 MB. This file is not loading. As per your suggestion, I have added progress bar but this bar is not going to disappear.

I am providing a file. Could you please check this file at your end an help me to find out this issue?

File - Loading Google Sheets

@pawan.verma please attache the exact XLSX file, not the Google Sheet. Thanks.

Sheet.xls (23 KB)

Please go through with this xls file. Size of this file is only 23 kb still this file is not loading at my end.


This Excel file appears to be an Excel 95, or even older, file type which is not currently supported.

     Message: document layout failed: Exception: 
     Message: Unable to convert this document from binary to OOXML form. Could not convert the file because it was created by an unsupported application (Excel 95 or older).
     Conditional expression: !attempting_bin_convert
     Version      : 9.3.0-7724945561
     Platform     : Windows
     Architecture : AMD64
     Filename     : OfficeFileBase.cpp
     Function     : trn::OOXML::OfficeFileBase::Init
     Linenumber   : 567

Who is the author of this file?
Is this file representative of Excel files your users will be opening?

Hi Ryan. How did you manage to get over this ? I’m facing the same issue

Hi Ryan,

Are there any plans to support Excel 95 or older files in the near future or at all?