How to Show HTML Table Headers on Every Page?

Product: PDFTron .NET x64

Product Version: 9.1.0

How to Show HTML Table Headers on Every Page?

I have a large table in HTML. Whenever I print the HTML, the headers are repeated above the table content on every page.

However, when I convert this to PDF using HTML2PDF, the headers are not repeated and shown only at the top of the table on the first page.

In general, I’ve found that the print media query styles are respected in the conversion, but that these and other elements reproduced on every page in the print view are not displayed the same way within the PDF.

For reference, I am currently configuring HTML2PDF.WebPageSettings.SetPrintMediaType(true).

UPDATE: I did manage to locate this very similar question: How to add repeating table headers with pdftronprivate.PTConvert.ConvertHTMLStringToPDF(). Xamarin ios

I’m guessing that PDFTron utilizes a similar library in Windows. If you guys can help me figure out which one, then I might be in business! :grinning:

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The following attached index.html file worked for me using the latest HTML2PDF module. The Header shows on pages 1 and 2. Please make sure you are running this latest version of the module, and your perhaps update your HTML after reviewing the attached one.

index.html (8.3 KB)

@Ryan, this absolutely works as intended with the new HTML2PDF module!

Thank you for helpfing me address this so quickly!