How to sign with AATL compatible certs from USB/HSM?

Product: PDFNet for python

Product Version: 9.2.0

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Trying to sign/certify with AATL compatible certs

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We are attempting to sign/certify documents with AATL compatible certs, but it seems like the only document signing certs come on USB drives or HSMs.

How can you interact with these to get the .pfx file/buffer required for signing & certifying programmatically with the CertifyOnNextSave/SignOnNextSave func? The servers hosting our application will not have direct access to the USB/HSM drive.

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If you would like to customize the process and use HSM’s its possible to extend the extend the API to create a custom signature workflow. Please see the guide here on how to do so.

Is this only possible on windows? Would it work with a cloud HSM?