How to specify placeholder for checkbox in office document template

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Product Version: 9.1.1

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how to specify a placeholder for checkbox in docx template

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We’re trying to create checkbox in office document template using placeholders from json data for docx to PDF generation. We cannot find any documentation on this. Could you please suggest the best approach.

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No sample code. We’re looking for suggestion on best approach.

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In order to provide you with the best solution, we would like to clarify a few things about your requirements. It is possible to place checkboxes using fonts (such as wingdings). In this case, you do not need to use the templating function. You can place a checkbox on the docx directly, which will get converted over.

However, note that the above checkboxes are not clickable. Do you require them to be selected by the user?

I don’t need checkbox to be clickable as I’m using docx template to create pdf. For windings font, does it mean that the placeholder holds checked/unchecked symbol?

Thank you for your clarifications. Do you require the checkbox (wingings font) to be placed during the templating stage?

In other words, does placing the wingdings font (check or uncheck box) into the template docx (and not doing it through the templating stage) fulfill your requirements, or do you require these boxes to be added though the json?