How to update toolbar button image color?

Product: PDFtron

Product Version: 9.2.1

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How do we update the toolbar item image color , which matches the color selected for tool items like ARROW, LINE, PEN tool, etc?

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Thanks for contacting us!

This is not supported in the SDK at the moment and would be a new feature request.
Here are some options for how we can approach this:

  • Option 1: Add an api to change the colour of the selected tool in the toolbar so you can change it based on your desired behaviour
  • Option 2: Set the colour of the icon in the toolbar by default after the style is changed similar to Web (this will take more time)

How do you want to go about it?

Could you also let us know if this is blocking a release and if so when is the release date?

Best Regards,

Hi @emallon

Option 2 works for us.
It’s not blocking the release, the sooner the better.
Let us know the best-expected release date from pdf Tron.

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@emallon Kindly update

Hello @anudeepj13

Thanks for your inquiry. We will look into implementing this in the near future and will update you as soon as it is available.

Thank you

Hi @anudeepj13 ,

This feature request is now available in the snapshot version 9.2.3-beta02

Could you please follow the snapshot tutorial and update to this version and give it a try?
Let us know how it works for you. Thanks.

@Shirley_G Can we test the above feature request on PDFTron Nightly Builds ?

@Shirley_G Followed above mentioned steps and updated the build version to snapshot version 9.2.3-beta02.
Still not able to see the changes requested. The annotation toolbar item remained the same even after changing the colors.

Please let us know, if we have to change anything other than just ‘build version update’

Hi @ananthasooraj.pai it indeed works on our end, if it’s not working for you, please kindly provide a sample project so we can reproduce that in our end, it could be you have some special integration we are not aware of. Thanks.

@Shirley_G Kindly find the sample project as requested, feel free to reach out if you need more details. (1.6 MB)

Hi @ananthasooraj.pai looks like this project is missing the actual code for integrating with PDFTron components. Could you send that over as well? PdftronDocViewer library


@Shirley_G Kindly find the sample project. (539.1 KB)

Hi @ananthasooraj.pai

This is because you are trying to start from scratch which is not typically recommended, please find attached modified project that does exactly what your original app does but with our pre-built component. You still get full access to PDFViewCtrl or PDFDoc if you need further customization.

Video demo:

Modified project: (673.5 KB)

Could you please give this a try? Thanks.

@Shirley_G Thank you very much for the quick and prompt response, I will give it a try and let you know.