iOS PDFTron Storyboards and ARC

Using the PDFTron read me file and importing the suggested frameworks i tried to add the PDFViewCtrl into an existing project of mine. Im currently using Xcode 4.3 with Automatic Referencing. All necessary connections are made to the files by using the Demo project as a example. The project compiles but when view is called i get the following crash error. -[PDFViewIOS initWithCptr:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance. I've played around even created a new project and import the Demo project over and got the exact same error.

The files NSObjectInitWithCptr.{h,m} must be included to add a required category to NSObject (as is stated in the readme file). These files are included in the sample project, and must be included in all projects, ARC and non-ARC alike.

I have included it into my project thats why i don’t understand why its breaking when its called. All the files in the sample project is in my project. Ive gone through the read me file and sample project a dozen times. Any idea what else it might be?

Hi Mou,

Could you please send support at your Xcode project? You can remove the static libraries and sample PDF documents to reduce the size.

Thank you.