iOS: Pressure Sensitive Stylus Support


Does the sdk use pressure information from the pen? We need 3D Signature with different pressure information for legal compliance.


While we don’t have out-of-the-box support for stylus-specific input data, the source code responsible for interactive annotation creation/modification is included with the SDK (in Lib/src/PDFViewCtrlTools), which you could extend to incorporate stylus pressure data. With PDFNet, you can add a custom appearance for an annotation, so you could respond to increased pressure by thickening the line, intensifying the colour, or whatever is required for your app. You could also directly embed the pressure information if that is required. Because there is no standard stylus API for iOS (each manufacturer publishes their own SDK), you would need to decide which stylus(es) to support. We would be here to help answer any PDFNet questions as you go.