iOS Tools Questions:



I have a few questions related to the tools source code from the latest PDFNet iOS SDK 6.2.1.

  1. Will be in the future a release with an option to change the size and the font type of the free text create tool?

  2. When we have the device in landscape and is showing 2 pages, the free hand drawing tool can’t paint a line that starts in one page and finishes in the other. Will the option of drawing in 2 pages at the same time considered for a future update?

  3. Right now when editing a highlighted text in order to change the color appears just 3 colors instead of the 8 colors that appear when editing for example a rectangle. Will be this option like this in the future or we will have again when editing a highlight annotation 8 colors?

  4. From what I experienced, when editing an underline annotation and changing the color, then if I want to create a squiggly annotation it takes the color of the underline annotation. Will be in the future these tools (underline and squiggly) saved the color defaults separately?

  5. What is the best configuration of the PDFViewCtrl object in order to be as fastest as possible rendering magazines?
    Right now I have it configured like this.

[_pdfViewCtrl SetProgressiveRendering:YES withInitialDelay:0 withInterval:750];


1.The most recent beta version of the library (available from the bottom of the download page) includes the ability to change the free text size. We would like to add the ability to change the font as well, but I’m not sure when this will be available.

  1. PDF annotations are restricted to one page, which is why starting on one page does not continue to draw onto the second. You could customize the tools so that it created two separate annotations if you wish.

  2. The beta version mentioned above includes more colours. You could also customize the code to add even more.

  3. If you take a look at ColorDefaults.m in the tools project, the static method keyForAnnotType:attribute: is used to differentiate which annotations are grouped to have the same defaults. You can customize this code quite easily if you want to separate Underline, Strikeout and Squiggly markups to have different defaults.

  4. This somewhat depends on what you define to be ‘fastest’. Having progressive rendering turned on will slow down rendering a little bit (every time there’s an update it takes a bit of time), however in our opinion it gives an overall better user experience.

You could turn off image smoothing (PDFViewCtrl SetImageSmoothing), although images may not be rendered as nicely. You could also turn off colour management (PDFNet SetColorManagement:e_ptno_cms), but this may make some documents have colours that look slightly wrong compared to other viewers.