Is PDFtron providing support for replacing hotspots in word document and provide output also word document

Product: PDFtron

Product Version:9.3.0

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I just want to know whether PDFtron is providing support for replacing hotspots in word document and output is also word document. Is PDFtron providing support for this requirement.

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Thank you for contacting us about this. To get a better understanding of your requirements, are you able to provide us with an example file (input) and expected output you require?

Thank you.

Hi Shakthi,
input file :- tg_demo_styled_table_loop.docx, in the attachments input-file-sample
output file :- tg_demo_styled_table_loop-copy.docx in the attachments output-file-sample
hotspot json string :- {
“items”: [
“item”: “Wireless”,
“charge”: “$42.34”
“item”: “Long Distance”,
“charge”: “$12.55”
“item”: “Data”,
“charge”: “$14.89”
“tax”: “$2.5”,
“balance”: “$12.52”,
“total_due”: “$82.30”

My requirement is pass input word document and provide hotspot json string, output should be replace hotspots in the input file and provide me the output also same word document.

Hi @shakthi124, any update on the above requirement.

Thank you for your response. You can use our SDK’s template generation method in order to do this. Please refer here for an example. However, note that the output will result in a PDF.

If you would like to use our SDK for this process, you have the ability to use our PDF to Office conversion functionality to convert the output PDF back to a word document. Please see the guide here on how to do so.