Issue with loading the PDF with React Native

Hello, I am Bipin.

I am a software developer and have some requirements to load and customize PDFs with response URLs. I have used the below library package to load the PDF through but It seems like the PDF is not loading only the blank view displayed there.

i.e. GitHub - PDFTron/pdftron-react-native: A convenience wrapper for building react native apps with PDFTron mobile SDK.
Could you please review this and let me know if there’s anything?


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Hi there,
Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding this issue.

Could you please let us know what is the version of the native PDFTron iOS SDK (the “PDFNet” CocoaPod) you are using? If you are using the version then we recommend updating to the latest version,, which contains several fixes.

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Hi there,
Thanks for your quick response.

I have resolved these errors. The problem is I have updated the library and then have followed the manual setup to the iOS and configured through this link,


Thank you for getting back to us - we are glad to hear that you were able to resolve the errors that you were encountering.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.