Japanese Text Annotations - Shrinking

WebViewer Version: 8.11.0

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Japanese text annotations shrinking when flattening

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Adding a text annotation with japanese characters shrinks considerably after flattening into the pdf.

We’ve found if using certain fonts like Helvetica / Times New Roman the shrinking occurs, but if using Monospace the annotation when flattened remains true to original size. Is this behavior expected?

Both of the japanese text blocks here were the same size during annotating, but Helvetica shrinks considerably once flattened.

Hello @iybar,

Are you able to share the document where this happens? (with unflattened annotations)

If you prefer you can send it via our Freshdesk support, but once we have the document we can have a closer look.

Best Regards,
Armando Bollain
Software Developer
Apryse Software Inc.

We keep the document and annotations separate, then flatten and store the result once the user is complete with their workflow.

Here is the 1. original pdf doc without annotations, the 2. xfdf annotations that we keep separate, and the resulting 3. flattened pdf produced from pdftron flattening.
1-original.pdf (9.2 KB)
3-flattened.pdf (24.3 KB)
2-annotations.xml (4.9 KB)

Hi @Armando_Bollain , any updates to share about this behavior? Thanks!

Hi @iybar,

Would you be able to send a PDF that already has the XFDF imported into it? I am having issues importing on my end - I think there is an issue with a quote character being escaped incorrectly in the XFDF you shared.

Best Regards,
Armando Bollain
Software Developer
Apryse Software Inc.

This is what it looks like in the viewer after loading the annotations, you can see the text is the same size.

This is the resulting pdf when I click the download button using the hamburger:
173c55920fd5ae0cd435ac7750a04949.pdf (23.9 KB)

173c55920fd5ae0cd435ac7750a04949 (1).pdf (51.5 KB)

Any updates here?

Here’s another example with more fonts. The ones that have issues are:
Times New Roman, serif, Helvetica, and to a lesser extent courier.

Hi @iybar,

Thanks for the additional info. I see that this has also been submitted via our support portal and has been added as a bug to address in our backlog. For updates on the issue please refer to that support ticket.

Best Regards,
Armando Bollain
Software Developer
Apryse Software Inc.

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