Java Applet to view PDF. Running PDFNet SDK for JAVA in a browser.

Q: I am trying to implement custom Java Applet to view PDF File and
get java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no PDFNetC
in java.library.path. As you have mentioned I have downloaded once the
dll into the client windows machiene. I get this error when I try to
do PDFNet.initialize
A: We have several clients who are using PDFNet to offer cross-
platform document viewing in Java. I believe that most of them are
running their applications outside of the browser.

Implementing a PDF viewer entirely as a Java applet would be fairly
limiting from the technical perspective (due to sever security
restrictions). You could use PDFNet in the browser as part of an 'Java
Web Start' application (
guides/javaws/developersguide/contents.html). When a users clicks on a
link 'Java Web Start' would request 'all-permissions' security option
which would present a dialog displaying the application's origin
(based on the signer's certificate) before the application is
launched. This would allow the user to decide whether or not to grant
additional privileges to the downloaded code. During the installation
the application would copy the platform-specific PDFNet shared library
(PDFNetC.dll on Windows, on Linux, or libpdfnet.jni on
Mac OS X) and use it during the application launch (i.e. before
calling PDFNet.initialize()). You would also need to specify the
location on the shared library folder (in case on PDFNet JAVA samples
this is done using
-Djava.library.path switch but there may be other options).

Please note that starting with version 4.5, pdfnet.res was merged with
the shared library so you don't need to copy/install anything but the
shared library.

Please let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the response. I found the following link also helpful.