Loading new documents into Webviewer becomes progressively slower



We are noticing that Webviewer becomes increasingly slower at loading our XODs & PDFs. The first couple XODs /PDFs that we retrieve from our server are quick to load (network calls to retrieve files from server are roughly ~30ms or less). However, as we continue to load documents inside Webviewer we are noticing that it begins taking much longer for the XOD to load (our network calls to retrieve files hang for much longer taking up to 1+ min).

We confirmed that the documents are unloading prior to a new document being loaded into Webviewer. Furthermore, we have tried various, pertinent solutions from the API i.e. closeDocument(), dispose(), refreshAll(), etc. and none resolve our issue.

Could you please advise as to what could be happening?

Thank you

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Hi there,

I just wanted to get a bit more information on what you are running into here:

  • Are the documents taking long to load, or the WebViewer JavaScript dependencies?
  • From your message: “our network calls to retrieve files hang” suggests it’s something slow on the server hosting the files rather than the WebViewer side, or maybe I’m misunderstanding that part.

If it’s at all possible to create a minimal code reproduction of how WebViewer is initialized and files are loaded that might be helpful in terms of debugging and isolating the issue.

Best regards,