Long table's cells are cutting Inappropriately


Product Version:PDFTron.NetCore.Windows.x64(9.3.0)

Long table’s cells are cutting Inappropriately when it goes on next tables due that contect inside that cell appears unreadable. for better understanding i have shared a screenshot.


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To investigate further could you please provide the following information.

  1. Input file(s)
  2. Generated output file(s)
  3. Code and settings used to generate (2) from (1)

Here in editor i am not able to upload .HTML , .PDF and any other file except .txt and picture. can you please tell a way through i could upload .PDF and .HTML file(s).

There are actually two issues,
1- Cutting cells of table
2- Printing initial 3 to 4 pages blank and then start printing the content of the table.

I have attached a .txt file. Please change the extension accordingly.

Html File ;
cutting_cell_issue.txt (35.3 KB)

(change it to .html as change the css path accordingly)

css file: PdfGenerationStyles.txt (43.3 KB) (change it to .css)

I have already attached the issue’s screenshot. For any further requirements please let me know.


we are looking forward for your response.

Please update to the latest HTML2PDF module, and make sure that your call to HTML2PDF.SetModulePath points to the folder containing all the files in module (the new module is not just one file, but has some external dependency files).