Loosing created annotation on orientation change

Product: PDFTron Android SDK

Product Version: Demo

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Is there any way to handle created annotation retain while orientation change?

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Hi Manoj,

I’m not quite following what exactly you are trying to achieve. Is there a video or image mockup so we can better understand what you are trying to do?



I have attached the recording. Please look into it.
My query is,
I do not want to loose newly added annotation while changing orientation. Is there any way to handle this?

Hi Manoj, based on your other ticket, I believe you are using custom relative layout to draw the red icon, is that correct? Would it be possible if you could share us a sample project so we can take a look? You can also try to re-add the view on orientation change. Thanks.

Hi Shirley,

Yes, i am using CustomRelativeLayout to draw custom view.
I Observed, Newly added annotation along with custom view is getting loss when orientation changes.
I have shared recording along with sample code. Please have a look.

Hi, the problem is you are not handling orientation change or saving the document. So on rotation, the activity re-starts, and everything you did previously is gone.

2 ways:

Approach 1. handle orientation in your Activity manifest:


Approach 2. let the activity restart, but you will save PDFDoc on pause, for the custom layout, you will need to re-add it on resume

I’d recommend approach 1 unless you have some special requirement to not handle orientation. Thanks.