Menu icon and tab count is going disappear with addHostListener(this)


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Hi ,

When I am using mPdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment.addHostListener(this) my menu icon and pdf count is going disappear.

My Code is -

    val toolManagerBuilder: ToolManagerBuilder = ToolManagerBuilder.from()

    val config = ViewerConfig.Builder().toolManagerBuilder(toolManagerBuilder)

mPdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment = ViewerBuilder2.withUri(fileUri)

        .replace(, mPdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment)


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When I am not using mPdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment.addHostListener(this) then these 2 item is appear.

and when i am using addHostListner(this) then these 2 item is going disappear.

Please help me to solve this issue.


Hi Pawan, I’m having a hard time reproducing this on my end. Could you please provide a minimum sample that can reproduce this problem? Or are you able to reproduce this from any of our existing samples?