Misleading documentation for iOS cocoapods

Product: iOS SDK

Product Version: 9.5

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Documentation example causes CocoaPods install error

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Using this:

Adding this example to my Podfile:
pod ‘Apryse’, podspec: ‘pdftroncom/downloads/ios/cocoapods/xcframeworks/pdftron/’
pod ‘PDFTronTools’, podspec: ‘pdftroncom/downloads/ios/cocoapods/xcframeworks/pdftron-tools/’

pod install

Fetching podspec for Apryse from pdftroncom/downloads/ios/cocoapods/xcframeworks/pdftron/
[!] The name of the given podspec PDFTron doesn’t match the expected one Apryse

Changing to:
pod ‘PDFTron’, podspec: ‘pdftroncom/downloads/ios/cocoapods/xcframeworks/pdftron/’
pod ‘PDFTronTools’, podspec: ‘pdftroncom/downloads/ios/cocoapods/xcframeworks/pdftron-tools/’

Installs fine.

P.S. I have broken podspec URLs because this support page did not allow to add more than 2 URLs for new users for some reason.

Hi there, thanks for letting us know about this issue on the documentation site. We will look into fixing the CocoaPods information.