Need some properties related to formfields/xfdf

Product: PDFTron Viewer - iOS

Hi we are loading xfdf in pdf and as per our requirements we are having following doubts.

Summary of your issue:
1> After loading xfdf data from string, Is their any way to get total count of form fields in document
2> Also how to get total fields that are filled with values
3> And is their any function to check if all required fields in form are filled or not. (We have to add this validation before save)
4> After loading xfdf data in form, How can we get all form fields as key value pair (as Dictionary)?


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Hi @rankit.agarwal,

We have some sample code demonstrating how to iterate over all the fields in a document and extract information about them available here:

and a brief overview here:

Is that what you’re looking for?