Need to automate printing PDF documents from PowerShell (C# .NET)

Q: Which of your products would most easily allow me to print PDF documents from PowerShell, or C# .NET, or even the command line? (listed in order of preference)

My requirements are:
· Completely automated – no UI
· Ability to specify printer
· Ability to specify pages to print
· Ability to specify paper size
· Ability to specify fit to page scaling
· Ability to specify orientation
· Simplicity


Probably the best option would be that you use PDFNet SDK for .NET. As a starting point, download PDFNet SDK for you version of .NET Framework from:

After unzipping the archive open ‘PDFNet/Samples/PDFPrint’ sample ( )

This is a very simple console app that you can tweak to meet all your requirements.


Thanks, that worked. Unfortunately the printer mode methods have not been able to set tray and other settings on our Canon iR-ADV 6075.


Besides using pdftron.PDF.Print.StartPrintJob() , PDFPrint sample also shows how to use ‘pdftron.PDF.PDFDraw’ for more low-level printing (code sample #2):

Using PDFDraw you have direct access to all .NET Framework APIs related to printing (e.g. PrintDocument, Settings, etc) so you have more control over print process than with StartPrintJob().