Node / Linux SDK - "Bad License Key" issue

PDFTron Node SDK (Linux)

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Current License - Exception on use

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Hello - we have purchased the license “PDFTron Custom [Redaction and Annotate Only] SDK (Linux)”.

Hey there -

Unsure where to route questions on our existing license’s abilities, but we added onto our PDFTron license the Linux / Node SDK for serverside use. In implementing a process that lives in a linux environment (in AWS), we are receiving an error message

Message: Bad License Key. For more
information please see License key exception - PDFTron SDK - PDFTron Community
Conditional expression:
Version : 9.2.0-ab15050
Platform : Linux
Architecture : AMD64
Filename :
Function :
Linenumber : 0

The functions we are using/calling are:

PDFNet.Stamper.create(…, …);
PDFNet.Font.create(…, …);
PDFNet.ColorPt.init(…, …, …);
PDFNet.PageSet.createRange(…, …);

Not really sure what the hangup is here, as the exception doesn’t tell us really any context to the failure.

Are we trying an operation that isn’t supported with our license?

Thanks for any help/support - Jake

Most likely, you have a typo in your key string, please double check that it is written correctly and there is no additional white space and matches exactly what is in the PDF file.

If you are still having trouble, please create a support ticket as opposed to a public forum post: