Not able to recognize whether Field.e_multiselect is required or not

Product: Pdftron android sdk

Product Version:9.2.3

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i am adding multiselect List from web and setting it as required field.but when i open the same document from Android app im not able to get if that field is required or not…

Field.e_choice → {
//when multi-select is true

                                              //i am not getting if field is required 

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Could you send us some sample code showing us how you are setting the flag for the field required?

Just to clarify, in your sample code current is a Field and not an Annot ?

The following sample code demonstrates how to check fore required fields in Android

Widget annotWidget = new Widget(annot);
Field annotWidgetField = annotWidget.getField();
if (annotWidgetField.getFlag(Field.e_multiselect)) {
     if (annotWidgetField.getFlag(Field.e_required)) {
            //field is required