Obtain Page dimensions (height/width) using C++ library

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Obtain Page dimensions of multi page PDF’s

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We are currently using SaveAsXFDF to obtain field properties (field names, x/y coordinates etc.) but I don’t see page dimensions in the extract data. How can we get this information?

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The following sample shows how to iterate the pages of a PDF file.

As for getting the page dimension, to match up with what is in the XFDF you would use the following 3 API calls.

Rect cropBox = page.GetCropBox();
double unrotatedPageWidthInPts = cropBox.Width();
double unrotatedPageHeightInPts = cropBox.Height();

Thanks Ryan . Side question: Do you know which .NET nuget package I should if I want to try this in .NET? I see three different nuget packages:


This post explains the different packages.