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Hi there,

How can I default all Excel documents to convert to PDF with the width fitted onto one page?

With Office Interop, there is just the default conversion done by MS Office.

I believe your account also has a license for our internal office converter, how come you are using MS Office instead of the internal converter, which you have for Windows and Linux OS.

While at this moment our internal converter does not have any option for this, they have gotten your feedback and have plans to add additional options to control output, though I do not have a timeline yet for this.

Hi Ryan and rest of team,

is it possible that WebViewerServer already implement support of various fits according to sheet’s specific width?

uploading an xls file with different widths into this sample shows clearly it is been supported as expected.

can you please instruct us how to make it work same when converting XLS to XOD or PDF?

we need same behavior using PDF SDK, instead of switching to another solution like WebViewerServer just for sake of proper XLS conversion

many thanks

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Hello Danny, there are a few ways to convert office to PDF/XOD, such as office interop, or our internal converter.

If you like, you can use the following form and submit the following info.

  1. Input office file
  2. Your currently generated PDF/XOD file
  3. Screenshot of what you want you see, and clearly indicate what you expected/want to see.

Dear Ryan, i’m not sure you understood my question:

off course I know how to use PDFTron .NET SDK in order to convert XLS file to PDF or XOD.
the problem that i was sharing with you is that PDFTRON SDK given same break-up “fixed” width like excel doing internally when asked to save to “pdf” (attached generated “1.pdf”), as you can see it expert standard fixed width page, and its remains in an extra following pages

WHILE WebViewerServer which using PDFTRON SDK internally knows to intelligently to generate variant page widths according to entire original Sheet content.

I asked you kindly to share this internal wisdom, cause currently XLS convert to pdf/xod is useless with this “artificial” cut of content between pages.

it seems to me that internal investigation on WebViewerServer code to convert XLS will reveal what are the missing part while using your convert() standard API -

1.pdf (154 KB)

2019-11-13 13_14_13-Window.png