OfficeToPDF in result is visible only selected print area from excel

Product Version: PDFNetDotNet4_2022-03-23_stable

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Result of excel conversion OfficeToPDF is only print area.

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When we set print area in excel files ( like here ) and convert to pdf using Convert.OfficeToPDF in generated pdf we can see only this area instead of whole document.

Since it converts it i expect the entire document to be converted. How can I receive fully content converted document?

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Since PDF pages are fixed physical size, versus the “endlessly” scrolling Excel worksheet, a cut off area has to be selected. PDFNet follows the same page size as MS Excel SaveAs PDF, or MS Excel Print, options.

Thats right, but when I convert excel, I want to received pdf with fully content.
Moreover when I pick SaveAs PDF in MS Excel I can check options “Ignore print areas”.
To sum up: we not have any options or workaround to convert whole document in this case?