Opening a document in the Viewer from another page


Product: PDFTron iOS SDK

Product Version: 9.2.1

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I have a problem using the library to be able to open document in the viewer from another page than the viewer.

I have a recent opened document list in the app, when I click on a document I get an infinite loading screen in the viewer. But when I open the same document while already in the viewer it opens correctly. I can also go back to the recent document list and open the document correctly once the document has already been opened in the instance of the app. Here’s a screen recording of what is happening.

I also have a problem when I try loading the document’s details. And once again, when I do it from the viewer it works but from another page it doesn’t work. I tried opening the document in the viewer first and then opening the document’s details it doesn’t work as well.

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Hi there,
I have created a ticket on our Customer Support portal for this issue.

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Hi dluco,

Any news from the Customer Support ?

We didn’t find any solution in your documentation pages and we are still stuck with this issue. :frowning:


Hi @laurent.even ,

We created a support ticket for this post earlier to further the communication over there.
Please let us know if @techbystamp can access it:

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