Page manipulation for XOD files?


Performance when viewing PDF files are very poor compared to the Mobile SDK and our customers are starting to complain. Our application needs to work offline so the WebViewer Server is not an option. So we are in the process of converting all our PDFs to XODs in order to improve the responsiveness of the webviewer.

For now, it appears we are only missing one feature when moving from PDF to XOD: page manipulation. A XOD document does not allow to move pages, delete pages, or rotate pages from the thumbnails panel.

Is there a way to enable this feature for XOD files?

Vincent ROBERT
Touch & Sell

Hi Vincent,

Direct page manipulation in the viewer is currently only supported for client side PDF files. If you would like to perform page manipulation with XOD files the recommended workflow is to keep the original PDF on the server, send the page manipulation request to the server and then use the server side SDK to perform the operation on the PDF. Reconvert the PDF to XOD and send it back to the client.

Since you mentioned that the application needs to work offline it sounds like this approach might not work for you. Adding support for this for XOD isn’t trivial from our side and isn’t currently on our near term roadmap so if this is important for you one option is to submit a profressional services request

Another option you may want to try out is using “viewer optimized PDFs” You would perform the optimization on the server similarly to XOD and then load the optimized PDFs on the client. The basic idea is that viewer optimized PDFs embed good quality thumbnails for the pages so that they can very quickly be displayed on any device. In the background the client side WebAssembly will load and users will be able to perform page manipulation when it’s ready. You’ll have to test it out to make sure that it has the desired performance on your target mobile devices but it may be a workable option.

Matt Parizeau
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.