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Product:Pdftron Android Native sdk

Product Version:9.2.1

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After clicking the copy annotation in the sub-menu when the user long clicks not getting the option to paste the annotation. How to implement paste annotation?
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After copying an annotation simply tap on an empty part of the document and select “Paste”. I have included a video:


Hi Andrew,

I am using PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 and this on long-press popup is not shown,
how to paste it programmatically.
On long press, we need to paste annotation directly without showing any popup.


If you would like to paste an annotation programatically you can use the AnnotationClipboardHelper. pasteAnnot
Please see Java code below:

 AnnotationClipboardHelper.pasteAnnot(mPdfViewCtrl.getContext(), mPdfViewCtrl, pageNumber, targetPoint, null);

Please let us know if this solution works for you.


this works as expected, thanks.


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