PDF Rect Issue

I'm in the process of converting from pdfnet11 to the current PDFnet.

I have the following:

                //Get page size
                Page apage = this.pageIterator.Current();
                Rect myBox = apage.GetMediaBox();

                bbox = new Rect(myBox);

               pageWidth = bbox.Width();
               pageHeight = bbox.Height();

However, I get the following error on the bbox assigment line:

    Argument '1': cannot convert from 'pdftron.PDF.Rect' to

How do I refactor to make this work?



How about:
  bbox = new Rect(myBox.x1, myBox.y1, myBox.x2, myBox.y2); // ?

Thanks, that worked.

I'm new to pdfnet, and this code hasn't been modifed in 6 years.