PDF to Image conversion for JAVA

Q: We’ve tried out the trial version and now would like to use the
library in our JAVA application in order to convert PDF documents to
TIFF images (e.g. http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/samplecode.html#PDFDraw).
The library seems to be better than other JAVA PDF library I came
across - in terms of speed, relaibility, and overall PDF support.

The problem is that we need a platform-independent JAVA library
resource. We are developing on Windows machines but the application is
running on a Linux server. The other thing is that we would need to
install the library directly on the system, which may be problematic.
A: Unfortunately we are not offering a pure Java solution at the
moment. However, because the API is available and is identical on all
major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile) you can use both
PDF2Image and PDFNet in a cross-platform manner. Your JAVA code would
_not_ need to be recompiled to run on different platforms. The only
difference from a pure JAVA implementation is that a different shared
library would need to be copied/installed depending on the target
platform (i.e. pdfnet.dll on Windows, libpdfnet.so on Linux, and
libpdfnet.jni on Mac). Please note that PDFNet libraries do not
require any special registration or instalation procedure besides
simple file copy. For many of our users this is a minor issue compared
to gains in rendering speed offered by native code execution and full
support for the PDF graphics model (which is not available in Java2D).