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Product: PDFTron

Product Version:9.2

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After loading the pdf on the specific size of view if we change the size of superview pdf goes back to zoom out


  • Open PDF on a specific view
  • Pinch on the screen to zoom into PDF
  • Changing base view frame, PDF is zoomed out

Is there any property to avoid zooming out and let the zoom scale the same after changing the view’s frame?

(Purpose: We have a split view controller and the user can hide the master view of it, If the user has already zoomed in we have to let the zoom scale same after expanding for the split view.)

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Hi @rankit.agarwal,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this.
I’m afraid I’m a little confused by the issue, are you able to share a sample project we can run to demonstrate it? Otherwise can you share a video showing the current behaviour and also write a description of what you expect the behaviour should be?

Hi @Jamie_Dassoulas , Thanks we found the solution , it was change from our end

Hi @rankit.agarwal,

Ok great, we’re glad to hear you found the solution.
As always please get in touch with any other questions or issues and we will try to help in any way we can.