[PDFNet] Can I convert existing PDF to PDF/A-1a?

Q: I need to convert existing PDF to PDF/A-1a (not PDF/A-1b format)
within my .NET application…
Can I do this using PDFNet SDK?

A: You could use ‘pdftron.PDF.PDFA.PDFACompliance’ class to convert
existing PDFs to PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-1a format. Please keep in mind that
requirements for PDF/A-1a are not as well defined as for PDF/A-1b, so
PDFNet is not doing anything beyond the minimal set of requirements to
pass PDF/A-1a validation. What are your expectations with respect to
difference between PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b conversion?

As a starting point for your project you may want to download PDFNet
(http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/downloads.html) and try PDFA sample

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