PDFNet.ContentReplacer.process(PDFNet.Page) issue on Node.JS


Product: @pdftron/pdfnet-node, Node.JS

Product Version: ^9.3.0

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I’m trying to process some string using replacer on a page. (Function: PDFNet.ContentReplacer.process)

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typeof a&&a.name?e(b,a.name,c):e(b,typeof a,c)};for(c=0;c<maxNum;c++){var m=g[c],k=m[0],l=m[1];if(k instanceof Promise)throw new TypeError(v(c)+" input argument in function '"+d+"' is a Promise object. Promises require a 'yield' sta
tement before being accessed.");if("OptionBase"===l){if(k)if("object"===typeof k){if("function"!==typeof k.getJsonString)throw new TypeError(v(c)+" input argument in function '"+d+"' is an 'oject' which is expected to have the 'getJ
sonString' function");}else e(c,k.name,

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'name')

I have an issue with library that’s not up to me.

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I’m getting this issue after calling replacer.process() function.

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Hi Muhammet,

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