PDFNet crash shows us as hidden in Crashlytics

Product: PDFTron iOS SDK

Product Version: Latest

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We used Crashlytics to detect crashes by our users and we have seen a decent amount come through the a PDFNet error. All of the logs are hidden and we can’t see what is going on. Is there a way to see what’s happening? We added a PDFNet exception in cases where we open the document, merge fillable fields and annotations to the document. Not sure what else to do because we can’t see the exact reason why it is crashing. Would love any feedback.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for reaching out.

Have any of the users reported this crash details on how to reproduce it? Or are you able to reproduce this crash locally? if so could you provide a minimum working sample project to help us reproduce this crash.

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Sahil Behl.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to repo it. It’s obviously a bad access kernel crash. PDFNet is referencing something that may be out of scope? We aren’t sure and it is hard to track down because the logs are all hidden.

Hi Jack,
Let us know if you are able to locally reproduce this issue or any related issues and we can start looking into them.

The issue is we can’t see what is causing the crash. It is happening to 1-2% of our users and just says PDFNet and everything is masked. Is it possible to get Crashlytics unmasked?

Unfortunately without reproduction steps (either from your users or from yourself if you are able to reproduce it locally) for the issue we are unable to start looking into it. In terms of useful information, if the issue(s) occur for specific documents then providing those would be a good starting point.

If you are also able to provide the complete crash report from Crashlytics (as a .crash file or similar) then there may be enough information there to determine a ballpark for the issue. You can open a Technical Support ticket with this info here: https://www.pdftron.com/form/request/

Note that the community forum is best for how-to type questions and bug reports should be reported via the Technical Support portal instead.