pdfnet sdk for ipad application


I am developing the application in ios(xocde 4) which manages the documents. I am looking for PDF annotation, I went through pdfNet sample code
http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/samplecode/AnnotationTest.m (Objective-c), I found error for PDFNetOBJCProxy.h.

So can you explain me how to use PDFNet SDK in Xcode 4(IOS).and How to get PDFNetOBJCProxy.h library. Please help in this regard.

Thanks in Advance,
Pratibha R.

To access the evaluation version of PDFNet SDK for iOS (or Android, etc)please fill-out the following form with correct information and you should receive download link through email:




Please give me a call. I need to ask about the BITS configuration for Midmark.



HI Reshmi,

Did you successfully integrate the PDFTron SDK in your project? I am
trying the same thing as you did but still not able to resolve the
linker issues even after getting the zip download from the link.

Can you please send me the steps you followed?

Thanks & Regards,