PDFNet Version Numbers


The latest version number posted as a sticky announcement in the forum is v.5.01

The latest downloadable version has been v.5.0.2 for quite some time.

I have downloaded the "latest" v.5.0.2 at least twice, and although the internal version numbers on the DLL remains the same, the date and filesize has changed.

So I ask:

(a) How accurate is the version number if the date and filesize keeps changing?

(b) Why are these versions not accounced in the forum?

(c) Why is the "whats new" not updated to reflect the changes.

Thanking you in advance,


Hello Joe,

We are aware that the current versioning scheme is not fine grained
enough and are planning to add another digit in version numbering.

At the moment only the most significant feature releases are announced
in ‘What’s New’ (http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/whatsnew.html). Minor
feature releases are announced as part of the major releases (even
though they may be available for a while without an official
announcement). Minor builds for improvements and bug fixes affecting
individual users are not officially announced (to reduce the noise).

To avoid potential confusion, starting with the next update we will
increment the last digit for each public build and will include this
information of the 'downloads' and 'what’s new' page.