PDFtron Can not open this XLS file

Product:SDK for Android

Product Version:9.0.2

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I tested with this file XLS but it can not work

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This appears to be a malformed file. I get the following error trying to convert the file.

Unable to convert this document from binary to OOXML form. Incomplete Unicode at end of string

Is this a “real” file, or a synthesized test file?
If you can contact the author of the file, you should ask them to review the creation, especially with regards to strings.

How many other files do you have like this?

This is “real” file ( for our work about civil construction )
I can open with Microsoft Excel

And i try with some excel viewer app on Google Play, it can view, but with Pdftron SDK for Android, only empty screen!

The team has confirmed that the file is malformed/non-conforming to the spec, but since other vendors are apparently ignoring these errors and showing the file as you expect, the team is still investigating with the hope to match that behavior.

Thank you for the additional info about the file.

Looks like the team has improved the handling for this malformed file, and the fix will be in the upcoming Android 9.1 release.

To get notified for the next release you can follow the steps here