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Our implementation includes disabling stamps in the ToolManager, however when a user uses an apple pencil the annotation that is created is a stamp rather than an ink. Even though the annotation appears to be writing and looks like inking it is being considered a stamp.

Is there any reason why this is occurring, is the default tool for an apple pencil a stamp rather than ink tool? Is there any way to change the default behavior, so that when a user uses an apple pencil it automatically creates an ink annotation rather than a stamp?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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The default tool when using the Apple Pencil is the [PTPencilDrawingCreate](https://www.pdftron.com/api/ios/Classes/PTPencilDrawingCreate.html) tool. This tool uses Apple’s PencilKit framework for drawing and rendering the strokes. To display them on a PDF they must be rendered as a bitmap image and ‘stamped’ onto the document.
You can disable the PencilKit tool when drawing with the Pencil using this property on the tool manager:

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