PDFTron Serverless Webviewer

Hi, I’m using react framework. and we are facing issue in accessing the webviewer path , so we run the PDFTron locally and hosted in s3 bucket and used as separate project(serverless) but still we are facing same issues accessing the webviewer path. is it possible to access the webviewer path from s3 bucket.

please check the below image

thanks in advance

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It is possible to serve the lib folder from an absolute domain. However, it does have some downsides and considerations that must be taken into account. You can read more about that here.

Based on your error screenshot, have you ensured that your S3 bucket is set to host static files? Usually when you load the path from a different domain the error explains this, but in your case it is a 404 which indicates an issue in how you’ve setup your S3 bucket.

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