PDFViewCtrl.AddWatermark() broken?

I just upgraded to the newest PDFNet.dll, and it seems to have changed the way PDFViewCtrl.AddWatermark() used to work, either that or it’s broken it. Whenever I try to add a custom watermark to a landscape PDF page, the watermark becomes stretched to the point that it’s off the page.

In more detail, after calling AddWatermark(), the “Add Watermark” dialog pops up. When I type the first character in the text box, it appears on the preview, but it’s stretched vertically out of proportion and the top of it is nearly off the page. As I type more characters into the text box, they get added to the preview window, and they start shrinking vertically, but stretching horizontally. With 3 characters, they look just about proportional on the page, but adding a fourth causes them to stretch nearly off the right side of the page. Any further characters added are off the page completely, and the text keeps shrinking vertically.

If I rotate the page 90 degrees to the left or right, then this all works fine, and if the page initially has a portrait layout, then it works fine, too.

I’ve been having trouble with this for the past day because I can’t debug into the AddWatermark() function at all, and haven’t been able to figure out what variables/settings I might change to fix this.

Hello Thomas, I believe the issue you are encountering was fixed earlier this month. Please download the latest nightly release build

Thank you so much, Ryan! You were absolutely right, I didn’t realize there was a newer version, nor did I know there was a nightly build. I won’t make that mistake again anytime soon.