Printing & Popup Window question


I have recently started using the trial PDFNet Java SDK. Right now I
have written the code to search for a word in PDF and convert it into
a hyperlink.
This is my code for hyperlinks:

        a = Annot.create(doc, Annot.e_Link, boundingBox);
        a.setFlag(Annot.e_print, true);
        a.setFlag(Annot.e_hidden, false);
        a.setFlag(Annot.e_invisible, false);
        a.setFlag(Annot.e_no_view, false);
        a.setColor(new ColorPt(100,100,100),ColorSpace.createDeviceRGB
().getComponentNum() );
        a.setBorderStyle(new Annot.BorderStyle
(Annot.BorderStyle.e_underline, 1,0,0));
        Link myHyperlink = new Link(a);
q="+word.replaceAll("[^a-zA-Z0-9\\s]", "")));

I have two questions here:

1. When I print the PDF, the hyperlinks do not show up. Although i set
the e_print flag = true.
2. When I click on this link, I want it to open a popup window to open
up. Right now a new browser window opens. Any ideas on how to add


Sri Harsha.