Problem about ANNOTATION_ERASER tool on Android

Product: React Native Pdftron

Product Version: 3.0.2-beta.72
I had a problem about ANNOTATION_ERASER tool on android.
When I’m trying using ERASER after using FreeHand Tool.
Specific is when I choose FreeHand Tool and draw something and then I choose Eraser tool to clear it. Everything is ok but when I choose another size of Eraser tool, it does not work.
Step by step to reproduce I attached a video and source code.

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Thanks for contacting us about this. I was able to reproduce this issue and I’m currently looking in to a fix for this.

Could you let us know if this item is blocking you or any timelines you may have?

Thank You for your reply, this problem is blocking my release plan so I wish to fix it ASAP.

Thanks for the update, I’m still looking in to this issue but I will update you ASAP when I have more info on this.

Thanks for the update.

The fix for the eraser tool has been added to the latest master version of PDFTron’s React Native library.

For reference the commit can be found here: Update Android to version 9.2.1-beta10 (#526) · PDFTron/pdftron-react-native@5257708 · GitHub

Could you update to the latest version and let us know if this works for you?