Problems converting PDF to XOD after migration to OEM licensing

Hello, my name is Jose.

We have recently upgraded our codebase to use OEM licensing and we’re experiencing
problems while converting PDFs to XODs.

Our environment is formed by two separate batch conversion processes located in different machines (for scalability purposes)

While one of the processes works without problems the other one generates invalid XODs.

Both machines are identical, running the same OS version, the same java version, and with
the same HW (Cloned machines). Also it’s not a problem with the original file, as we are able to convert it in one of the machines. This environment worked with the old licensing model and using DocPub for the conversion instead of the PDfNet API.

So my questions are: ¿Is there any kind of restriction regarding the conversion process that allows just one machine doing the process? ¿Can we run several conversion processes in different machines using our OEM license?

If so, could you give me any advice for trying to debug/narrow the problem we are facing?
Please, let me know if you need any kind of information from our side.

Thanks for your support,


You should contact PDFTron’s sales department to verify whether your licensing permits running on multiple servers.

Assuming that no such licensing restriction exists for you, you should be able to run as well on more than one machine as on a single machine.

To be able to provide further advice, we would need to be able to consistently reproduce the behaviour in our environment, so that we can debug and find out what’s going wrong. Since you have cloned this environment, a good next step would be to create a VM to forward to for further investigation. Thanks in advance for your help.