Python SDK. How to remove some spot color (Separation) on PDF

Product: PDFTron SDK, PDFNetPython3

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How to remove some spot color (Separation) on PDF. And save to PDF or PNG, TIFF

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Yes, it is possible. It would require editing the PDF itself to not draw any graphic elements with the color(s) you want to hide. See the ElementEdit sample to get an idea of what that code might look like.

To help us better understand your requirements, could you provide the following.

  1. Input PDF file
  2. Screenshot(s) showing the expected output

It would also be great to know what you do with the new PDF (with the separations removed)? Where does it go afterwards?

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for your reply, the Input PDF and the expected output as below.

	1. Input

	2. Expected output

The Expected output below I use Ghostscript to export them from original file but it shows bad resolution.

So do you have any suggestion or example code that can export individual seperations from source artwork PDF?
Anyway, I aiming to get output as PDF or any image file type without losing resolution. And the example artwork as in link below just in case.
ex artwork