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Product: PDFTron

Product Version: Latest

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We only want to support one font (Arial) on iOS. The default is current is Helvetica. How would I set the default and remove the ability to select a different font? Users call select the font from a free text or a call out annotation.

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Hi Jack,

You can achieve this by subclassing the PTAnnotStyle class and overriding the availableStyleKeys property. Then removing the “AnnotStyleKeyFont” key from the list of keys.

To override a class have a look at this guide: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

The code would look something like this:

class CustomPTAnnotStyle: PTAnnotStyle {
    override var availableStyleKeys: [PTAnnotStyleKey] {
        get {
            return super.availableStyleKeys.filter { key in
                key != PTAnnotStyleKey.font

Please let us know if this works for you.

Best Regards,
Sahil Behl.

Product: pdftron-react-native

Product Version: Latest

Hello Sahil,

We’re having the exact same problem on pdftron-react-native. We would like to only allow selection of one font-family (PlusJakarta) on iOS. The default is also set to Helvetica. How can i change the default font and remove the selector. I can’t seem to find anything on the docs regarding that on the react-native library.

Best regards,
Arthur Paes