Removing security from a PDF file

Q: I would like to remove securoty from PDF to make a backup of a
secured file to a
different location than the source.

        internal void BackUpPDF(out string BackUpStatusMessage)
            var doc = new PDFDoc(_pdfMetaData.SourcePathFile); // Open
encrypted document that we saved in the first example.
                if (!doc.InitSecurityHandler())
                doc.Save(_pdfMetaData.BackUpPath + \"conv\" +
            catch (PDFNetException ex)

However the saved file can't be opened in my PDF Reader.
A: The problem is that the attached document is protected with
password. To
open the document you need to provide a password in
doc.InitStdSecurityHandler("mypass"). Please see EncTest sample
project for
full sample code.

Q: I was under the impression that the method Remove Security would
strip away a password. So I guess I am going to have to move to a
callback mechanism which you guys have documented quite well. Is this
the case?
A: In order to remove security from a document secured with 'open'
password you need to provide the password. Callbacks will not help
because you will still need to provide password. This would not the
case if the document required only the permission/owner password.